Introductions to this Virtual Library

Supuesto retrato de Miguel de Cervantes, por Juan de JáureguiAll the presentations of the Polygraph Virtual Libraries are accompanied by a brief introductory text; this time, the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation has chosen two texts.

The first is the study that Menéndez Pelayo, one of its polygraphs, dedicated to the literary culture of Cervantes. The many and very similar readings of the author are highlighted in it. It is clear that these pages ring out the echoes of many of the Spanish polygraphs that Cervantes read, as evidenced by the pages of his works.

The second introductory text is an article by Xavier Agenjo, dedicated to the Don Quixote Library, which also shows the great literary culture of Cervantes and proposes a computer action within the Website of all the editions that Alonso Quijano read or was able to read in a metatextual game.

We also offer as a free text, as a magnificent addition to the two introductory studies, the first biography that was written about Miguel de Cervantes: